What To Expect During a Pap Smear Visit

When a woman wants to stay healthy, there's more to it than general practitioner visits to monitor heart, lung, and other organ function. There's more to it than eating right, getting adequate exercise, and managing any chronic conditions properly. Part of it includes ensuring her reproductive system is healthy and functioning correctly, which means having a routine pap smear at the Arlington Family Practice, serving Arlington, TX, and the nearby region, from either Dr. Sherley Aramath or Dr. Tien Truong. Let's discuss what you can expect.

General Information

A Pap smear is a test given to check for abnormal or cancerous cervical cells. Ultimately, the test helps us to detect cervical cancer as early as possible when it's most treatable. Abnormal cells don't require treatment, but at that point, we know to monitor them carefully.

Typically, our practitioner recommends women start having a routine Pap smear starting at the age of 21 and continuing until they turn at least 65. The frequency depends on your particular risks and age.

During the Test

When you come to our Arlington, TX, office for a Pap smear, our practitioner will insert a device into the vagina known as a speculum. It widens the opening to allow the physician to see inside the vagina to the cervix and be able to access it. This may cause a bit of pressure.

Then, your practitioner will use a small brush to collect cervical cells.

Total, this process takes only a few minutes, not including the time it takes to complete your medical history report.

After the Test

Once our healthcare provider collects the sample, she'll place it in a tube or jar with a liquid substance in it to preserve it. The sample is then sent to a lab for testing to assess it for abnormal cells that may indicate you have human papillomavirus (HPV) or cervical cancer.

Our physician will then read the results and email, call, or send your results by mail, depending on your preference. If you have abnormal results, your physician will set up a date for you to come in to discuss your results and possibly further testing. Keep in mind that the results aren't 100-percent accurate, so don't panic if your results are abnormal. And keep in mind there are many treatment and management options available nowadays.

If you would happen to have cervical cancer, our practitioner will guide you in the right direction for treatment.

Ladies who need a routine Pap smear in Arlington, TX can call the Arlington Family Practice for one. Dr. Aramath and Dr. Truong are available for testing and help you along the way.

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